How to install android in Virtual Box {December 2019} by

How to install android in Virtual Box {December 2019} by

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Today in this tutorial I will guide you on “How you can run android on a virtual machine”, and after this guide, you won’t search for “How to use android on virtual machine” or “how to install android in windows 10” etc.

This ultimate guide is a failproof method because this method and tried and tested.

Before this, I watched a lot of youtube videos and searched on google about virtual machine for android. But it didn’t work for me so I am sharing this method with you so you don’t waste your on searching and googling about installing android on VMware or virtual box etc.


So you can follow the given steps to install android on the virtual box:

  • Download the oracle virtual box from here
  • After that, download the android zip file from here (download ANDROID Nougat 7.0)
  • Extract the zip file
  • After that, install the oracle virtual box
  • Go to the file where you extracted it
  • Double click on the file and open from virtual box
  • If you want you can customize the hardware and then click on start virtual machine
  • Click on Install on the first option in virtual box
  • And then set up the android as you always do

I hope you have successfully installed the android on the virtual box. And if you are facing any issue then please let me know in the comment section.

Download Virtual Box

Download Android File

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