How to get GTA V absolutely for free in May 2020 (EpicGames) by

Hello guys, welcome to ProGamerly, and today I am gonna guide you that “how to get GTA 5 for free in May 2020“.

So to start, just follow the steps given below.

How to get GTA 5 for free in May 2020 (EpicGames) by ProGamerly

First of all go to EpicGames website to get GTA 5 for free.

Then there are two ways you can get GTA V for free.

The first one is, sign up on the EpicGames website and Grab GTA V for free. And then install EpicGames launcher to download GTA V.


Just download the EpicGames launcher from here.

Install it on your computer.

Open EpicGames launcher and sign up.

Verify your details.

Just click on store in EpicGames launcher in the left sidebar.

Look for Free Games in EpicGames launcher‘s free games tab.

Find GTA V in free games tab.

Click on GTA V in free games tab.

Then a new page will open up.

Click on “own” this game.

Now you will be redirected to next page click on receive email and place order.

Now you will receive a mail from EpicGames.

Now just go to Library in EpicGames launcher.

Now in library tab you will see GTA V.

Click on install.

Choose the path where you want to install the game.

Make sure you have 100GB of space on your computer.
And also you should have at least 100GB of data.
Don’t worry if you don’t have 100GB of data then you can also download it every day and pause it and download the next day again this process also works fine if you don’t have enough data.

That’s it. You are ready to play GTA V for free.

NOTE THAT:- GTA V is available for free till 21st of May.

So make sure to add the game to your game library before 21st May.
After you have added the game to your library then you can download the game any time you want.

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