{11 April} How to get a FREE .com domain or any TLD Domain for free for 5 years

In this tutorial, I will share a trick to get a .com domain for free for 5 years

I won’t waste your time anymore so let’s get started.

First, go to this link and create your account.

Then after creating your account, just verify your mail.

After verifying mail, go to this link and search for your domain if it is available or not, if available then click on “Claim your domain”

After that just put in your details and after that proceed to pay, don’t worry you don’t have to pay any amount just add your card, for this you will need an international card.

You have to verify your card .

After that verify your domain otherwise it will get suspended after 15 days so this step is a must.

That’s it. Enjoy your free domain.

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